Tricky Fidget Spinner

The story of this game.

Since fidget spinner games are popular, I decided to make my own. If you have your own spinner, and your tired of playing around with it, trying to figure out new spinner tricks, enjoy my creation. It has ton’s of spinner tricks to discover and maybe it will give some inspiration to your life. I though that being just able to spin it seemed to easy, so I raised the stakes a bit. I can’t say if it’s relaxing to you, but breaking walls and blowing stuff up, seems pretty relaxing to me.

Playing the game

The game is about moving your spinner through an endless maze. Each level has a finish, but you can continue indefinitely. The finish flag spawns into a random place. If you miss it at the first try, don’t worry… Just go on, and it will spawn again.
Levels are divided into pages. Each page contains 4 unique levels.

  • 2 box maze, medium speed.
  • 3 box maze, slow speed.
  • 4 box maze, slowest speed.
  • 2 box maze, high speed.

With each page of levels, the speed goes higher and higher. Don’t worry, it won’t become impossible. But it will become difficult as hell. You will also notice new objects in the game on certain levels. Some of them will help you, others will defeat you. The game moves quickly, so it’s easy to test all of them, in all possible ways.

This game is all about skill. Even if it’s easy in the beginning, on later levels you have to be alert at all times. As the levels go higher, decisions need to be made quicker.

There are plenty of ways to customize your experience in this game. You have more than 60 unique themes to choose from for your spinner. There are currently 7 different shapes of spinners. Each of them has it’s own unique stats.