Tap 'n' Build - A Free Clicker Game

This is the first game I ever made.

It’s a clicker game with a very simple mission : Tap to gather resources and craft tools to make gathering faster. You start out with nothing. But after gathering a bit of picks and wood, you are able to craft your first wooden tools. After crafting them, you are immediately able to gather twice as much resources. You evolve very quickly in the beginning. Wooden pickaxe also unlocks the ability to gather stone resource. Most pickaxes unlock an ability to mine more advanced ores, but all tools make gathering faster.

  • Basic pickaxe : Stone mining.
  • Better pickaxe : Iron mining.
  • Advanced pickaxe : Gold mining.
  • Golden pickaxe : Diamond mining…

The next step is to start building the castle. Building a castle requires stone, so wooden pickaxe is a must-have. Castle levels stack on top of each other endlessly. So you can build as big of a castle, as you like. You can also drag the castle up and down to see previous levels, that you have built. Higher levels of castle require more and more resources, so it would be wise, to automate resource production.

You will need energy, to craft machinery. Machines don’t run on love and it doesn’t make sense to craft it, if it’s not going to work. You will need to craft a windmill, to generate energy. You’ll find it at the machine panel.

Machines produce certain amount of resources per second. As they get more expensive, they also start producing a lot more. It won’t be a surprise, if at some point, your having billions of stone. But the castle is so high and expensive, that it’s still not enough.

There is and ending to this game. It ends, when you feel like you took everything you needed from the game. At that point, I’m wishing you all the best and your always welcomed back.