Tap 'n' Build 2 - Tower Clicker ( multiplayer TD )

This is the second game I ever made.

It combines clicker game experience with tower defense. It also has a multiplayer, how fun is that?

You start by tapping on mine/forest/river to gather resources and craft tools to make gathering faster. Gather enough picks and wood, and you are able to craft your first wooden tools. Wooden pickaxe also unlocks the ability to gather stone resource. Most pickaxes unlock an ability to mine more advanced ores, but all tools make gathering faster. In the beginning it is important to gather quickly and craft and upgrade your tools as soon as you can. You also have to build castle to be able to craft more advanced tools.

At some point you have to defend your newly built castle. Build turret bases to build turrets on top of them. Turrets shoot enemies automatically. All turrets have their own unique upgrades. Some set enemies on fire, others slow them down. But sometimes a good defense is better offense. Send out your own minions, to attack the opponent’s castle. Minions fight each other on the way, so you can defend your castle by attacking.

You have lot’s of minions to choose from. Some of them are faster, others have more health, some have bigger damage. Some even fly through shorter path. They all have one unique upgrade as well. When spawning a minion, you can just hold down the button, to send a boss minion instead. Boss has more health and damage, but also costs more.

Between all of the defending and attacking, you also have to evolve, to succeed your opponent. Hire workers whenever you can. They gather resources for you. While you are busy defending the castle, it would be nice, if someone would gather resources in the meantime.

You can use powerups, to give you a little boost in gathering or defending.

In the end, if your both somehow still standing, the endgame comes to play. If you craft all the tools and build all the buildings and hire all the workers, the endgame begins. An alien ship spawns on top of your castle, that shoots out nuclear missiles towards your enemy’s castle. There is no place to hide from it. If you were unable to end the game, this will. All the resources, that you or your workers gather are automatically converted to gold coins. So at this point, it’s an all out war. Drop your pickaxe, and grab your sword.

This game gives an especially fun experience, when playing against friends and other people. You can be the fastest tapper in the world, but if your opponent knows it’s strategy, your going to lose. It’s a combination of strategy and tapping fast. So play, experience, figure out your best strategy, and compete with other people.